(December 13, 2014) -- We have some exciting news here at Timbercreek Farm! After 10 years of providing the highest quality beef to some of the best restaurants on the east coast, we're proud to officially announce the launch of our retail division. Beginning in the spring of 2015 (just in time for BBQ season), Timbercreek organic, grass-fed beef products will be available at our new Charlottesville Farmers' Market booth, through our cow share program and, for those of you outside of Virginia, through our online store. 

Beef online, you say? We were skeptical at first too. But we've been working around the clock with a dedicated team of web developers in order to create the most efficient, fast and fresh online shop. As always, our products meet FDA, USDA and all regulatory standards. We hand-trim, package and vacuum seal all products, which are then frozen and placed on dry ice in insulated shipping containers. Before you can say "the grill is hot" (well, okay, maybe a day or so later), your Timbercreek steak, burgers or ground beef will arrive in excellent, delicious condition.

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(October 23, 2014) -- Timbercreek Farm does things differently. Our animals aren't just an end-product, they're an important part of our working farm. Check out the infographic below to learn more about how each animal plays its part!


(August 10, 2014) -- We'll be honest, with all of the amazing bakeries, cheese mongers and coffee roasters in Charlottesville, most of us here at the farm aren't exactly following the caveman diet, but we do know that our organic, grass-fed beef is a good source of healthy Omega-3's, Vitamin E and A... plus it tastes amazing! We recently chatted with Robb Wolf, New York Times best-selling author and major Paleo advocate, about the health benefits of red meat and had our resident dietitian Jane Doe weigh in too. Check out some of Robb's ideas about organic beef here